1. Fort Worth

From the recording Cannonball

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Fort Worth
Words and Music: Mark David Manders

A rainy night on the North side
Two blocks from Main
A single tear rolls off a cheek
It hits the ground without a sound
And mixes with the rain
As she whispers silently
Nobody wants me
This I know
Nobody needs me
So here I go
I’m leaving Fort Worth
Leaving it behind
You know life’s not worth
A single dime when you’re alone
Hollow eyes are a thin disguise
When you’re trying to hide the truth
So she kept her head down
She made her way on up Exchange
To Ellis Avenue
Then she broke down
Saint Christopher,
Won’t you shine your light
On another lost & lonely soul
Searching for a home,
God, I’m so alone
Diesel smoke black as coal
Rises in the air
Another heavy load is on its way
The old man asleep in the window seat
Doesn’t have a care
He probably never heard her say
Repeat Chorus