From the recording Cannonball

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Words and Music: Mark David Manders

I slipped in the shower and hit my head
Fell down to my knees and I bled
It turned my whole damn shower pan red
Before I blacked out
When I came to, the water was cold
My hands were wrinkled but low and behold
I had a vision from deep within my soul
Or somewhere thereabouts
And I saw it all coming down
Just like a cannonball landing in a fishbowl
Broke the glass and everything
I saw lions laying down with the lambs
A rabbi eating barbecued ham
And the Beatles even got back together again
For one final show
It was helter skelter served sunny-side up
It was below the waist and off the cuff
And just when I thought I’d had enough
I lost control…again
There were ninety nuns all dressed in black
Speaking in tongues and talking smack
And the Pope was seen somewhere out back
Playing Choctaw bingo
The moon took a shine to a bottle of rum
As the Beatles played their final song
And every single star sang along
Including Ringo
There were questions before me, answers behind
And the reasons formed a single-file line
As we marched straight into spring cleaning time
In my head
Then a know-it-all question got into a spat
With a nagging question, now I can’t relax
Because that question just keeps coming back
How come you left me when you did?