From the recording Hold My Beer and Watch This

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders/Kathryn Manders


The Fiddle Plays
Words and Music: Mark David Manders/Kathryn Mandfers

There’s a cool breeze blowing through those Cypress trees tonight
Watch the embers glowing in our campfire light
I hear a melody, it reminds me of you
As a cricket calls out to its mate
And the fiddle plays
No crowed highways, sirens screaming in the night
The stars above us are the only crowd in sight
They’re all looking down from their balcony views
And a twinkle turns into a gaze
When the fiddle plays
Let’s take a walk down to the river, we’ll lose our clothes on the way
We’ll splash around in the water ‘till the naked light of day
There’s no need for words when I hold you in my arms
‘Cause I know just what you’re gonna say
When the fiddle plays