From the recording Hold My Beer and Watch This

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Words and Music: Mark David Manders

It’s a hundred degrees and I’m digging this ditch
That sun’s beating down like a Son of a Bitch
And my shadow is the only shade in sight
I could have been a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer
But I chose instead to make a career
Out of blaming other people for the problems in my life
Give me my freedom, take back your money
Don’t you listen to that old wind blow
There’s a storm cloud rolling down that Clovis highway
It’s heading my way
And I just might go
Well, it’s hard to look up when you’re always staring down
At your foot on a shovel dividing the ground
And all your dreams just fade into a wish
You know I’d like to straighten up, get my life on track
Start moving ahead, but it’s a well-known fact
That you’re always going backwards when you’re digging a ditch
Repeat Chorus