1. The General

From the recording The Greenhouse Sessions

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders/James Devon Manders


The General (3:04)
Words and Music: Mark David Manders / James Devon Manders

Now me and Jimmy Andrews and twenty brave, young men
Were waiting north of town when The General came rollin’ in
When Billy Fuller took his breakfast at the Lacey Hotel
We stole his mighty General and bid the South farewell
Now we’re running from the devil through these Georgia pines
Trying like hell to make it back to those Union Army lines
Got to keep this train a movin’; Johnny Reb is on our trail
And he’ll hang us from the nearest tree, God forbid, if we fail
Billy sprang up from his chair and stared in disbelief
As we pulled away from the depot with a full head of steam
The switchman said, “Let ‘em go, man; they’re as good as gone.”
But Billy flagged down a southbound freight and then the race was on
The Union Army’s camped outside Chattanooga, Tennessee
Just another twenty miles to go before we’re free
But we’re running low on wood, and to make matters worse
Yonder comes Billy Fuller, full speed in reverse