1. Traveler

From the recording The Greenhouse Sessions

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Traveler (4:30)
Words and Music: Mark David Manders

I left my home on the Paint Rock, headed down toward Bastrop
Had plans to race my pony there
The boys down at the Bar J drink hard on payday
And I figured I’d ride in and take my share
And Traveler, boys she could run, and there weren’t no way to stop her, son
When the track was dry and the weather fair
With fancy, braided leather reins and a silver saddle I proclaimed
I made a living on that mare…on that mare
I chose a trail to follow alongside the Colorado
I figured I could cross at Mason’s Ford
With the river down below us I guess I failed to notice
Those storm clouds coming in from the north
And when lightning strikes a horse will run; they ain’t no way stop her, son
Fancy braided reins be damned
Traveler slipped and lost her edge and we tumbled down that rocky ledge
Down to where the boulders turn to sand…turn to sand
Before my eyes could open I knew my leg was broken
And I stared up at that cliff face to face
I had to get up yonder, come hell or high water
And that’s about the time it began to rain
And the Colorado River runs like a card-cheat from a loaded gun
When April showers fall from the skies
As I laid there on that river bank I looked upstream and my heart sank
As I watched that river slowly rise…slowly rise
As the water rose I began to pray, Lord spare my life today
And I’ll never race again for silver or gold
Then a shadow appeared over me; it was Traveler, and I could see
Those reins a danglin’ down so I grabbed a hold
Ain’t it funny how a man’s luck runs, just when you think you’ve had it, son
The winds of fate change their course
Now if I were to wager, son, I’d lay the odds at ten to one
That I won’t gamble anymore…anymore