From the recording The Greenhouse Sessions

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Nickel Creek Café (4:26)
Words and Music: Mark David Manders

I left Carlsbad, New Mexico, headed for that Texas line
Through the badlands and the desert down below
To where the Guadalupe Mountains touch the sky
I was running close to empty, thought I’d call it a day
Pulled my truck off on the shoulder at a place called the Nickel Creek Cafe
I was weary from traveling and I had no place to stay
When by chance I came across an oasis at the end of the day
Called the Nickel Creek Cafe
I heard music through the screen door, a soft, Spanish melody
It took me back to a place I’d been before
As I wandered in and found myself a seat
I got lost in a feeling, one I hadn’t felt in years
Spinning tales with the locals over home-made enchiladas and a beer
Jack Kincaid is the owner; runs the place with his wife, Jo
Selling propane to the truckers who haul it off to Juarez, Mexico
There’s not much business in the Springtime, just the neighbors dropping in
And as I left out for El Paso, I wondered when I’d pass this way again