1. Cinco de Mayo

From the recording The Greenhouse Sessions

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders/Dave Perez


Cinco de Mayo (3:20)
Words and Music: Mark David Manders / Dave Perez

It’s the Cinco de Mayo and no one’s pouring concrete
It’s likely that nothing will get done today
This jobsite’s a ghost town, no one to be found
No Chico, no Pablo, no Juan or Jose
So I made a few calls and I drove across town
To a little cantina on the south side of main
The next thing I knew we’d thrown back a few
And I offered a toast as the mariachis sang
¡Viva Zeragosa! ¡Salud, mis amigos!
It’s Cinco de Mayo, claro que sí
Mañana we’ll go back and work like the devil
But tonight you’re with huero; this round is on me
There’s few that remember the battle of Puebla
How the Mexican army carried the day
And way down inside there’s a deep sense of pride
No hard times or troubles could ever wash away
Repeat Chorus