1. My World

From the recording The Greenhouse Sessions

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


My World (3:48)
Words and Music: Mark David Manders

My world is bigger than a bread box, stubborn as a cinder block
Anxious as a traffic stop at two A.M., when you can’t find that insurance card again
Your world is pink pearls and red tag sales, happy hours and paper trails
Pretty painted toenails that match your dress, and yes, you look skinny in that dress
And my love for you is obvious to me
It jumps right off the page just like a simile
No detail is ever too small
And just when I think I’ve covered it all
Well, your smile hits me like a two-by-four, resonates like a diving board
Tells me there’s much more to you than meets the eyes, and did I mention your eyes?
Well, your eyes are softer than an inside joke, deeper than a swimming hole
Warmer than a dinner role on Thanksgiving Day, when we bow our heads to pray
Now let’s play
Your voice whispers inside my head, as I recall the night we met
You said “Hey, boy, watcha gonna do? You know it’s time for you to choose”
Well, my choice was easy as a Sunday nap, obvious as a welcome mat
Prouder than a flag flappin’ in the wind, and you know I’d do it all again ‘cause