From the recording Highs and Lows

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Words and Music: Mark David Manders

Last night I had a dream I was in Oxford, Mississippi
When the azaleas were in bloom
There were colors green and pink splashed up and down each street
Underneath a canopy of blue
I was standing on the square breathing in the air
William Faulkner once walked through
And if all of my nights were as peaceful as last night
I’d sleep every day ‘til noon
Now I’ve got some kin out in Oxford, Mississippi
I’m not related to
And like the prodigal son told the wandering gypsy
“My homecoming’s overdue”
I miss those cotton fields and Sunday home-cooked meals
And the good times that we shared
But it’s a simple fact, what keeps me going back
Is I just miss the people there
Now you say you’ve never been to Oxford, Mississippi
Well, it’s really not that far
And it doesn’t take a map to find out where it’s at
Just look inside your heart
And if you’ve ever lent a hand to help a neighbor or a friend
Or talked to God in a prayer
Then there’s no need to leave for, Friend, I do believe
You’ve already been there