1. Follow Me

From the recording Highs and Lows

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Words and Music: Mark David Manders

What a beautiful day, a February day
I think it’s Presidents Day too
It’s seventy-five degrees and I’m sitting in short sleeves
Writing this love song to you
When we made love last night, in the middle of the night
I didn’t need to turn on the light to see
That smile on your face no picture could replace
Just like this February day
And follow me, follow me
I’ll take you down to a place
Deep inside my soul where my feelings show
Things these words fail to say
I think I’ll head on down to that creek just east of town
Where I go to be alone
I’m gonna sit down on a rock, take off both my socks
I’m gonna kick back and let those feelings flow
Repeat Chorus