From the recording Highs and Lows

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders/Kathryn Manders


Words And Music: Mark David Manders, Kathryn Manders

My grandma had a Mercury she bought in 1962
The same year that I was born
And those blue-green vinyl seats still smelled like brand new
The summer that I turned four
My granddad passed away before my life began
But she used to talk about him at the A & W stand
For the small price of a root beer my past and my present learned to dance
Halloween costumes and left over pizza
Are only good for a day
But these memories are backed by a lifetime warranty
Guaranteed not to fade
The rain on the windshield made it hard to see the road
But looking back on that night
The harder it rained the faster I drove
‘Cause you inched a little closer with each mile
We were young and free and a long way from home
But I knew one day we’d have one of our own
And like a ghost from the past I swear I could see my granddad smile
Now life’s just like an automobile
Time just seems to fly once you get behind the wheel
But God installed a rearview and it’s there to remind me
The best things in life are waiting just behind me
Now there’s three blue-eyed babies bouncing in the back seat
On this road that leads us home
Soon the rolling of the wheels will softly lull them off to sleep
My God, just look how far we’ve come