From the recording Chili Pepper Sunset

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Headin’ Out West
Words and Music: Mark David Manders

I had one eye on the road, two hands on the wheel
A bottle of mescal by my side, I’d already cracked the seal
It was nine o’clock in the morning when we crossed that state line
I said, “Hello” to New Mexico, left Texas far behind
I’m headin’ out west where that wild wind blows
I traded in my troubles for the freedom of the road
I left a girl in Lubbock, Lord, I didn’t even packed
I’m headed for that promised land, I’m never coming back
I picked up a passenger just this side of Hobbs
Said his was going down to Carlsbad to find himself a job
He asked me where I was going and why my eyes were red
I took another swig of mescal and I turned to him and said
About ten miles down the road that stranger changed his mind
Said he’d rather walk alone than take a chance with his life
I pulled off of the highway and he made his retreat
I threw an empty bottle of mescal on the gravel at his feet
Just this side of Carlsbad I passed out and rolled my jeep
I told the cop there on the scene I simply fell asleep
Then from out of nowhere that stranger appeared again
He was walking towards the cop with an empty bottle of mescal in his hand