1. Not All Angels

From the recording Chili Pepper Sunset

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders


Not All Angels
Words and Music: Mark David Manders

Her thoughts are scattered throughout her mind
Like sunlight through Venetian blinds
Pull ‘em down just in time so the neighbors won’t know
Long ago she was swept off her feet
Now the broom that kept that house so neat
Is pushed across an apartment suite on the second floor
And not all angels were meant to fly
Faith ain’t always what it seems
And, Lord, you know she’d sell her very soul
Just to save the family
For 36 years she did her best
To teach her children self respect
Despite his temper and neglect, and occasional abuse
Now the remnants of the family that
Once posed together for a photograph
Talk behind each other’s back and disregard the truth
Now late at night a baby weeps
On the other side of town a man can’t sleep
Maybe they both had bad dreams at the same time
The baby winds up in a rocking chair
Safe and sound since Grandma’s there
The man is left alone to stare and they both realize