1. Anne Marie

From the recording Chili Pepper Sunset

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders and David Bennett


Words and Music: Mark David Manders, David Bennett

Sweet Anne Marie you know you are my heart’s desire
I’ve got two strong arms and a willing mind, but there ain’t no jobs for hire
But I heard talk in Dublin just the other week
Of a land across the ocean where a man can earn his keep
Won’t you come along with me
My sweet Anne Marie
Won’t you come along with me
My sweet Anne Marie
Your father secured our passage when spring arrived last year
In hopes that we’d repay him once we made our fortunes here
Now my pockets are as empty as that feeling in your chest
But I heard talk of a railroad that they’re building way out west
Driving spikes for the railroad did not work out like we planned
But pound for pound I know I’m as good as any man
But there’s silver in those hills, at least I’ve been told
It’s enough to make a working man worth his weight in gold
For over twenty years I’ve been digging in this ground
You’ve proved to be the only jewel I’ve ever found
But last month I met a man from the oil company
Now there’s a commotion at the rig, come quick you’d better see