From the recording Chili Pepper Sunset

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Words and Music: Mark David Manders and Max Stalling


Gillespie County Peaches
Words and Music: Mark David Manders, Max Stalling

Traveling down this old dusty road tonight, cool breeze is blowing through your hair
The smell of springtime stirs up my appetite, a few more miles and we’ll be there
Spanish moss is hanging off the branches of the trees, been there so long it’s turning black
And I’ve been hanging on to these old memories just long enough to bring me back

And Gillespie County peaches are sweeter than kisses from a child
Innocent as the sunrise, as forgiving as a smile
That dances across the face of an old, familiar friend
To the tune of “hey we missed you and welcome home again”
I can almost see their faces as they talk about the places
They’ve been and all the people they’ve met
But like rain on an old tin roof, those old timers are living proof
You can run off but you’ll be back again
In all my years of knocking ‘round, the more I’ve traveled the more I’ve found
I need someone to travel with
And every kid on the playground knows, the first one taken is the best one chose
And, Baby, you’re the one I picked